Afternoon Snack Catering Menu:

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"We were very impressed with our large Cheese and Cracker platter and large Fruit tray. They were beautifully arranged, and had a refreshingly large variety. I really felt you provided us gourmet level catering at a very reasonable price. Thanks again for your great service and the pride you obviously take in serving such truly exceptional food!"
Kat Conley (Catering for an annual employee meeting)

Afternoon Snacks

Fresh Baked Brownies, Monster Cookies and Shortbread $1.50 each
Assorted Fresh Baked Regular Cookies $8.50/Dozen
Assorted Kettle Chips Bags $1.50 each
Assorted Whole Fruit $1.00 each

Platters (small serves 15-20/ large serves 25-35) $25/$50
Fresh Vegetable Platter with Dip $25/$50
Fresh Fruit Platter $25/$50
Low Carb Platter with Vegetables, Cheeses and Deli Sliced Meats $30/$50
Assorted Cheeses and Cracker Platter


Coffee Air Pot (Serves 10-8oz cups) $13.00
Hot Tea and Teabags (Serves 8) $13.00
Fresh Squeezed Juice (Pitcher) $15.00
Ice water with Lemon (Pitcher) $3.50
Canned Soda $1.25
Bottled Water $1.25
Bottled Juices $1.75
Designer Beverages Varies